You don’t have to spend a lot (or at all)

Today is Valentine’s Day.

My wife saw people running around the PATH, gobbling up overpriced chocolate, cupcakes and picked over flowers.

I feel for them. But I stopped spending a lot on Valentine’s Day a long time ago. I’d rather save that money for a special birthday experience for her. Or surprise her with a homecooked meal.

That’s why I made it part of my personal mission statement to do something nice for my wife each week.

I’m over the herd mentality that says you need to buy jewelry or roses or book a reservation at a restaurant I cannot afford.

I do something nice for her every week. Not just one day a year.

Valentine’s Day happened to be my reminder this week.

Did I mention that my toddler got a nice haul of Valentine’s from her classmates.

Next week they’ll be in the trash or forgotten like last week’s fast fashion trends.

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