What Becomes of the Unrolled Pennies

I’ve been hoarding pennies.

In a Ziploc baggie. That occupied space on a shelf in our office.

A few weeks ago, I shuttled them to work. My plan was to deposit them at the nearest bank. But then I remembered you have to roll coins.

And that my bank would only accept rolled pennies.

So I went to Dollarama. They had rolls for nickels, dimes, quarters and loonies. But no pennies.

I wasn’t in the mood to order penny rolls or find another store that sold ’em.

Resigned, I left the pennies huddled in my drawer. But yesterday I went to the bank and detailed my dilemma.

The teller wandered over to a desk to fetch a solution.

14 penny rolls.

I appreciate that. Even if what I wanted to hear was, “Bring us your pennies. We’ll take care of it.”

Sometimes the extra mile in customer service is a tough sell.

But it might have gone a long way.

Now that I’ve rolled these pennies, it’s time to collect.

$7.27 here I come.


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