We’ve got bigger fish to fry

I’m exhausted by the outrage machine.

Scrolling through my Google News feed is torture. Because I’m confronted by angry people every few flicks.

Here are a few examples.

People are mad at E! News because they saw Big Boi and Sleepy Brown at the Super Bowl and tweeted that it was Outkast. Some people are saying E! News needs to hire more black people. That might be true. But I’d prefer to see more black coders, engineers and scientists. Diversity at an outlet trafficking in celebrity gossip is a symbolic win. And a weak one at that.

Liam Neeson admitted to deplorable and racist behaviour 40 years ago. Then he went on TV and explained how that was wrong and how he’s worked to make amends. “End his career,” the mob shrieks.

This weekend, I took out my 1995 high-school yearbook. On the cover, I found an inscription. “Dedicated to the memory of da O.J. Simpson trial and da year at Augustine.” It gets worse.

Inside, I found a younger version of myself that was immature. I drew crosshairs over the people who I felt had wronged me in grade 10. We wrote offensive things about each other. A lot of us believed OJ was innocent.

OJ is guilty. You can judge me for who I was or accept me for who I am. Of course, there are actions that might make it harder for us to forgive, accept and move on.

But in a lot of cases that what we need to do.

So I forgive Adam Levine and Maroon 5 for that boring halftime show. And I forgive Big Boi and Sleepy Brown for agreeing to join you.

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