We see a “ding-a-ling”

Today my wife and I learned our second child is a boy.

At the end of the anatomy ultrasound, they zoomed in on the legs and said there was a little thing sticking out.

And then they sent us home with a picture of his penis.

I can’t wait for his graduation or wedding when I signal the projectionist, grab the microphone …

And recount the day that I learned I was having a baby boy.

Side note: I had one almost freak out during the ultrasound. The technician had photographed a kidney. The word kidney was still on the screen. The technician tapped the keyboard. I looked up and saw the word “kidney hand” on the screen. “What the duck is a kidney hand?” … A few taps later and everything was back to normal.

That’s almost as bad as when our midwife took out a machine and said she wanted to see where the baby was. I thought it was a uterus finder.

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