The Music that Moved Me This Week (Vol. 2)

What music snatched my attention this week?

Soul played a big role.

1. J Dilla — Donuts
Forty-three minutes of head-nodding hip hop spiced with classic soul samples. By 2006, hip hop had veered away from boom bap. J Dilla’s final album hooked me and those of us pining for the good old days. It still packs a punch thirteen years later.

2. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose — “Too Late To Turn Back Now”
Credit goes to Black KKKlansmen, the latest from filmmaker Spike Lee. There’s a scene where the lead character meets a gorgeous woman with a fro. They go dancing. This is that track that’s playing. The strings swell, the drums kick in and “it’s too late to turn back now…I believe, I believe, I believe I’m falling in love.”

3. Lil Wayne — “Let The Beat Build” / Eddie Kendricks — “Day By Day”
This is that era when you needed to listen to a Lil Wayne track 10-20 times to unspool the twisted tale he had just spun. Most of what he’s saying is nonsense. But he delivers honey-coated punchlines and the path he takes is strange.

I love the soul sample. So it was no surprise when I discovered Kanye produced this track. The surprise came when my friend Hunter sent me a link to the original, “Day By Day” by Eddie Kendricks.

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