The Kijiji dilemma

I dislike dealing with Kijiji buyers.

On Sunday, I posted an IKEA daybed in excellent condition. It’s $200 cheaper than brand new and comes with mattresses, which cost extra. I linked to the product page, where you’d find dimensions, instructions and more.

I got a great buyer in one of my previous Kijiji sales. Most times you get hagglers. You have to respond to a barrage of instant messages. People get interested and uninterested. They need to consult their wives or ask questions the internet can answer. I find the back and forth exhausting.

But I want to get rid of this daybed.

I could accept it as a sunk cost and leave it on the street. But I’m in a good place if I recoup half the cost.

The problem is the hidden cost. The time spent replying and responding. Finding a buyer only to have them bail. What sucks is the emotional investment. Having to send someone a link to the instructions. When you included a link to the product page, which linked to instructions, in the original post.

I’d be better at it if I could divorce myself from the emotions.
But that ain’t me.

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