That’s a wrap on Season 1 of Big Poppas Podcast

It feels great to finish something.

Season 1 of Big Poppas: The Podcast for Modern Dads ended last Saturday. And I’m proud — for myself and my co-host Dan Warry-Smith.

We named our final show “A Different Way to Dad.” It was our leanest show at 37 minutes (excluding our teaser episode which was 15 minutes).

That was a deliberate decision. Our previous episodes were all close to an hour. That gave us space to ramble. And sometimes we indulged. It didn’t hurt anyone but I knew shedding extra minutes would force us to focus. 

It worked. 

The episode’s theme was making the shift to a new version of fatherhood. We stuffed a lot into those 37 minutes. We talked about the sacrifices or compromises we made to be more attentive dads. We spoke to a dad with a two-day-old girl. We had sponsors. And we had time to hear why a former artist manager gave up his career to become a stay-at-home dad.  

And we talked about the future — Season 2. 

I’m looking forward to getting started and going through it. But also finishing. 

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