Spending time with Toronto’s Soul Man

There are a lot of places to find new music.

Spotify. Pitchfork. HBO TV shows.

But sometimes it’s best to put your faith in humanity. One such human is Hisa Hatanaka. I met Hisa five or six years ago on Queen Street West. In my mind, he’s forever stationed behind the counter of a tiny shop called Cosmos Records.

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Call them CREW-ANG-BIN

One band I cannot get enough of right now is Khruangbin.

Here’s my phonetic spelling: CREW-ANG-BIN.

My former boss told me to check out their appearance on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert. I got hooked. I added both of their albums to my Spotify queue. I went to June Records and requested a copy of their latest album, Con Todo El Mundo. While I paid, the clerk told the store owner the album was selling. And it was actually good he said, implying that most of the records people bought were not. “OK,” said the owner. “Order ten more copies.”

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