The Music That Moved Me This Week (Vol. 1)

This week, these songs latched onto my soul. I also saved them in Spotify and intend to seek out the vinyl.

1. Bonnie Raitt – “Thank You”

This showed up on my Discovery Weekly Playlist and I’m grateful. I never bothered with Bonnie Raitt. But her voice shimmers here and that makes my soul shiver. It sounds like lo-fi folk, an AM radio love song that might have played in your parents’ Pontiac Lemans. The instrumentation is sparse but it saunters like someone deeply in love.

2. The Beach Boys – “Little Bird”

More psychedelic Beach Boys. Rougher and more childish than the gems on Pet Sounds. I love the lilting rhythm and the absence of the typical sing-song harmonies.

3. Steely Dan – “Dirty Work”

There are at least two other classic Steely Dan songs on Can’t Buy A Thrill: “Do It Again” and “Reeling in The Years.” But I got hooked on “Dirty Work” the minute I heard the organ and David Palmer’s dirge. For me, this one is about contrast. Resignation in each verse. Bombastic but unfulfilled promises in the hook.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Spending time with Toronto’s Soul Man

There are a lot of places to find new music.

Spotify. Pitchfork. HBO TV shows.

But sometimes it’s best to put your faith in humanity. One such human is Hisa Hatanaka. I met Hisa five or six years ago on Queen Street West. In my mind, he’s forever stationed behind the counter of a tiny shop called Cosmos Records.

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Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) v. DJ Lil’ Avalanche

Dear Vanilla Ice,

Call your lawyer.

A DJ named Lil’ Avalanche is spinning “Ice Ice Baby” during his set and I’m convinced it’s unauthorized. In fact, it’s his only record so it gets played often during his sets.

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