Sorry We Missed You

The woman behind the counter of our local Canada Post shrugged. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to try again on Monday.”

Like us, the guy had received one of those we missed you slips. It tells you when and where to retrieve your package. He followed the instructions but discovered the package wasn’t there on Friday. Someone told him to try again on Saturday. Only it was Saturday and the package still hadn’t arrived.

The Canada Post worker didn’t know where it was. She tapped the keyboard. Not even the computer could find the package. The postal worker said there was nothing she could do except bring it to the attention of her manager.

The next guy in line seemed luckier. His package was there. Then they asked to see ID. He handed over something. But the worker said she needed something with his address — like a credit card statement or utility bill. Frazzled, he stormed out of the store, vowing to return with the right ID. Then my wife stepped to counter and was told she’d have to return with another ID.

Here’s the thing. Canada Post doesn’t seem well equipped for modern times. I get an electronic copy of my bills and credit card statements. Heck, the credit card and utility companies recommended I switch to electronic statements. In rare cases, when I do get a physical copy, I don’t keep them. I shred ’em.

In a world where I can track my food delivery order in real time, these misadventures at the post office are a bad omen. If Canada Post intends to survive, it needs to rethink how it does business.

Last week Canada Post my wife and I a letter. They were changing our pickup location over the holidays. Later that week we got a notice, telling us to pick up a package from the old location.


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