“Old man take a look at your life”

Tomorrow I turn 39.

I don’t want or need much. In fact, the thing I need the most is to prune the things in my life that are no longer a priority.

It’s time to define what matters to me.

It means waking up early so I can meditate and write.

It means planning my trip to Central and West Africa because those are my deepest roots. And my roots are important to me.

It means spending more quality time with family and friends.

It’s time to ignore the firehose of information spewing from my feeds.

It’s time to make a mark on the world and be generous.

I can’t do that if I spend too much time scrolling.

It also means renewing my promise to write letters to my daughter Zadie and help her navigate the world as a woman and a woman of colour.

I want to explore nature.

I need to learn how to make my mom and dad’s recipes. I want to help my parents change the alarm clocks after daylight savings time. And I need to close the 110 open browser tabs on my mom’s iPad.

More travelling adventures. More music and concerts. And more quality time with my wife.

To do all those things, I need to prune and purge. On my last day as a 38-year-old, I’m making minimalism my new mantra.

Less is more.

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