‘Spray & Pray’ is the status quo and that’s dangerous

Blasting the same message on multiple channels is a bad practice.

Imagine I sent you an email. Then I copied the email into a messaging app and sent it. And then I met you in person and read the email aloud.

You’d get annoyed. And yet this happens all the time. Here’s the conversation: “Make sure to blast this on email, social, blogs, by text, push notification and letter.”

“Shouldn’t we change the message?”

“Nope. Just resize the graphics.”

Too often we choose all the channels all the time and never consider the consequences.

People will tune out. They will see laziness and choose someone that takes the time to deliver the right message using the right channel.

The hard part is in knowing each platform well enough to adjust the content. The hard part is saying, “We can’t send all of these communications to everyone on the same day.”

The harder part is saying, “No. I don’t recommend we share that message on this channel.”

But it needs to be said.

Are you saying it?

I’m trying.

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