Living The Canadian Craft Beer Life

A few months ago I discovered the holy grail for magazine lovers with a taste for craft beer. It was Issue 2 of Original Gravity magazine (Canada) and it found it a local brewery.

On the cover illustration, a hipster couple drank beer on a blanket with the sun at their backs. The headline said, “Living The Beer Life: Good things happen.” I stashed the magazine in my bag and returned home.

I discovered a sharp-looking publication with reviews, short essays, and articles. It was refreshing to hear from Canadian beer lovers and hear about Canadian craft beers. Sam Calagione shared the story of DogFish Head’s early days in the craft-beer scene. One line stood out to me:

But I have to admit the most joyful part of living the brewery life is the taking of these risks and the sailing of these forbidden seas.

Sam Calagione, DogFish Head
from Issue 2 of Original Gravity (Canada)

That’s my approach to craft beer. I’m an adventurer. I’ll try most beers in search of priceless gems. I know I’ll pour a few some brew down the drain after a few sips but it’s worth it. It’s nice to read a magazine by people who feel the same.

Issue 3 of Original Gravity Canada arrived in early December. If you see a copy, snatch it up.

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