Live and In Living Colour

Somethings are better live and in living colour.

But live has rules. Even if most people ignore them.

Quiet during a recital.

Cameras down during a concert.

Dear tall people. Let short people see the stage.

Obeying these rules enriches the shared experience. And that’s what live/life is about.

Live adds texture. And texture is something you can’t beat.

These thoughts are swirling inside my head after a concert at the Burdock Music Hall. Pianist Alexandra Streliski performed songs from her album Inscape.

Her songs are sad and stark. And also gorgeous. But hearing how she conquered her anxiety so she could share her music with us made it lush.

It was also my daughter’s first concert. She shook Streliski’s hand and told the pianist that she loves her “ballet music.”

Then we purchased an album and had it signed.

I hope my daughter will understand why live matters.

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