It’ll take a lot of scrolling but it’s worth it: 10 Recommended Long Reads from 2018 (Miguel Edition)

Do you like articles that make you scroll endlessly for the payoff?

My friend Miguel does. He put together a list of his top-10 long reads and I’m sharing it here.

Miguel’s notations in italics.

How a crew of hard-partying Florida teens cashed in on an epidemic and built a multimillion-dollar OxyContin smuggling ring.

Really enjoyable breakdown of the rise of the Vice Empire.

Awesome NYTimes article on the insanity behind Gwyneth’s Goop brand.n

Insane read on an Iraqi cop who infiltrated ISIS cells and single-handedly disrupted many attempted bombings etc.

Good Ringer article offering a critical reappraisal of Korn….yes Korn.

Absolutely chilling story of a woman’s life under attack by a complete stranger.

Super cinematic story on the lengths a cartel went to in order to eliminate a perceived enemy.

A look at the moral issues and the psychology of those involved in organizing and executing air strikes on insurgents and enemy combatants.

Think of this as a companion article to #3, a breakdown of the enormous cost and effort of a very rare bombing run done by the stealth bomber in Libya. Fascinating to see the training and set up that goes into the B2 Fighter.

Hitmen for hire websites are invariably all bullshit….aren’t they?

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