It slices and dices better than my old knives

I’ve seen plenty of ads on Instagram. But the first thing I bought was a chef’s knife.

I love cooking. I enjoy watching people devour the end result when I know it’s tasty. I love the accolades they toss to me. But I also love the prep.

Organizing and measuring are fun. But I take great pride in slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing. I’m self taught apart from a cooking lesson, regular book consultations, and the occasional YouTube video. When you have to cut, a great chef’s knife is crucial. I own two. One was a gift from my father in law. I got another one as a wedding gift several years ago. I keep them both sharpened and honed and they work well enough. So why did I buy a Misen?

It has a nice weight and it looks good. It slices through everything without destroying your ingredients. That’s useful for taste and presentation. It is sharp. It took a chunk of my fingernail when I failed to give it my full attention. Give it all your attention.

But I only realized these things after the knife arrived. The reason I purchased this knife is that it cost $65. It was cheap and it claimed to do all the things above better than my current knives.

It works as advertised.

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