I’m re-calibrating my personal GPS

I need to re-calibrate.

Two months of 2019 are done. I continue to write a post each day, but I’ve stopped my weekly journalling and emails to my daughter.

I’m chopping the journal writing and letters to my daughter. At least until I finish my professional development course.

I enjoy journal writing but it’s not a priority. Neither are the letters to my daughter.

More important is the time we spend together on the weekend. Swimming classes and trips to Nadege for almond croissants. I love wandering around our neighbourhood as a family. Meeting friends and being there when she asks me to join her to draw rocketships.

My other re-calibration focuses on health. I want to shed 5-10 pounds and stop eating processed foods (Starburst Gummies I’m looking at you).

That’s where I’m shifting my bandwidth for now.

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