How much is too much?

Almost every day I get emails from Uniqlo, Bed, Bath & Beyond or Wayfair.

Every day.

They’re ignoring something. I rarely open and almost never click. But they keep pressing send.

It’s the spray-and-pray method. Call it carpet-bomb mass marketing.

None of these companies knows much about me.

And they’ve never asked. They just indiscriminately rain down “discounts.”

The problem is that this kind of marketing works. It works because enough people buy. If enough people buy, it’s worth bothering me every day.

This isn’t the world marketing promised. I gave up a lot of information. The quid in “quid pro quo” was supposed to be something that interested me.

Instead, YouTube serves me get-rich-quick hucksters and Karlie Kloss Wix ads before I watch old aggressive inline skating videos, speeches from philosopher Alan Watts or movie trailers.

Maybe they should get to know me for real. They’d know I prefer quality over quantity. That I’m looking for a small countertop dishwasher. That I’m attempting to live a minimalist life.

They’d know that pestering me day in and day out without stopping to adjust their methods or the message won’t work.

And they’d know that my default is less equals more.

I’ll keep waiting for them to adapt.

Until then I’ll “Unsubscribe from all.”

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