(Don’t) Treat Yourself

There’s an ad I see every day on my commute up and down Spadina Ave.”

You sent that nasty text about Barb to Barb.”

Skip the Dishes

Whoever created the ad is peddling a food-delivery service. What bothers me about is its attitude.

You did something mean. You thought about it first. Then you typed it into your phone. Then you were so distracted that you didn’t notice you chose the wrong recipient.

Barb got it. She feels terrible.

But go ahead. Treat yourself.

As I type this, I recognize my reality. The drawbridge is down. My inner, cranky old man has commandeered brain control. This ad annoys us. Because we should be better to each other. This ad says distract yourself from that shitty thing you did and get take out.

Barb? If you’re out there, hit me up.

I want send you a credit for UberEats or Foodora.


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