Cable TV Is The New Radio

Cable TV is where I discover great music.

It wasn’t always that way. I used to scrape the internet for new music in the wee hours before sunrise and play it on my podcast. I volunteered to write music reviews in exchange for access to free CDs. I  would slide sweaty headphones over my ears at a music store called Soundscapes in search of something to stroke my soul.

But then I stopped writing about music.

It was a decision rooted in the need for stability and growth. My career in marketing and communications took me to more profitable places, but I lost some of my drive to discover.

I leaned on friends or algorithms to fuel my fix for new music. And they delivered. But recently I found a new supplier.

I’m talking about shows such as Big Little Lies, Low Winter Sun, TransparentAtlanta, Insecure and Sharp Objects. Those shows played tracks or artists I welcomed to my tribe. Or they would introduce me to a track that I’d Shazam and assimilate into my life.

That happened again a few weeks ago.

I heard a track on Sharp Objects by Alexandra Streliski. Then there I was listening to Sound Opinions, a music podcast, from Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot. Music supervisor Susan Jacobs — she of Sharp Object and Big Little Lies — was the featured guest. While I listened to her talk, I realized something.

She’s got a cool job. I wish that was my job.

It’s not and I still don’t have time to scour the internet for dope music.

But I’m OK with that so long as I still have my cable TV.

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