Avoiding Safe Mode

Surrender is easy.

Each stumble makes it easier for me to abandon my mission of self-improvement. I don’t want to revert to safe mode.

This is my twelfth blog post this year. It took me six weeks and some frantic writing fits to churn out 25 in three months. My meditation streak is at 28 days. I’m eating more veggies and fruits and weening myself off social media. Making these activities habitual is my domino effect.

But I’ve had setbacks. I need to rid our apartment of junk food. I need to stop shovelling it into my gullet. Better yet, I should stop purchasing it.

I still get trapped in Reddit or Instagram scroll holes. I’ll shift my eyes to the clock and see that I planned to go to bed hours ago. But I realize these are minor setbacks. I don’t have to let them define the entire effort. I acknowledge them, learn my lesson, and move on. Action instead of endless analysis and criticism.

This week I will complete my mission statement. I will reinstate weekly planning (Getting Things Done) and set up goal tracking.

Because what matters most is progress.

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