Attention Rush-Hour, TTC Subway Riders

Here’s a novel idea for rush-hour, TTC subway riders.

Put down your phone, Kindle or Dostoyevski novel. Look around. Take off your bulging backpack. Don’t bunch by the doors. If you see free space, scooch over and make room. We need to do better because who knows when the relief line will arrive.

I never had this problem. Because I used to work at Bloor and Islington. Commuting to Etobicoke, the outer limits of the East-West subway line, I could sprawl out. There was so much free space I could manspread and not catch grief if I was a jerk (I am not a jerk). Now I work downtown and commuting ain’t easy.

An eastbound train will screech its way into Christie Station. The doors will open and close, the subway will rumble off and I’ll remain standing on the platform. But I know I saw space in the middle of the subway car. If only people made room for each other. And that’s what makes me mad.

Riding the subway, streetcar or bus is all about position. You don’t want to be too far back because you’ll have to bulldoze riders to get out. You don’t want to be right by the door. Because every stop you’ll get jostled, bumped and prodded. So you find spot and stay put. I myself plead guilty to these past offences. But I’m reformed and here to make a plea.

When there’s space in the subway or streetcar, remember these words, “Always do the right thing.”

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