A podcast about modern fatherhood

What does it mean to be a modern dad?

That’s the question my friend Dan asked me early this year. To answer the question, we started a podcast about modern fatherhood.

To us, a dad is more than a paycheque. So we’re exploring a version of fatherhood where we support our kids and wives as “equal” partners in parenthood ( I say “equal” because you ladies deserve mad respect — All Praise is Due 🙏).
In Season 1, you’ll go from “Am I ready to dad?” to “Damn, daycare is expensive.” But we also brought guests! You’ll discover how one dad saved his son from ground beef. You’ll see that midwifery can be magical and get an earful of one dad’s bout with baby colic. Plus, CBC Radio money columnist, Shannon Lee-Simmons, will share what to expect (financially) when you’re expecting. All that and more!
But enough of me writing.

Listen to our intro episode — “If Omar Can Do It…So Can I”

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