Press Pause

I’m pressing pause on this blog until I finish my professional development course.

Things are piling up and I need to prioritize. Like every productivity guru has said before me: you need to prune until the jungle is a garden that’s manageable.

I’ll chime in when the opportunity presents itself because this is a rewarding and challenging project.

And I will return.

My course ends in three weeks.

All by myself

I had a great time at The Piston last night.

I rolled in early, heard some great soul music and danced by myself in the corner. It didn’t matter that I was solo.

I used to do that sort of thing a lot. All that mattered then was that I wanted to experience something. If no one was available, I’d go it alone.

Concerts. Movies. Lectures.

It’s great to remember that’s still an option. Sure you have to live in your own head. But if you can ignore the distractions, the experience is rich.

Dad about town

As a dad, I don’t get a lot of nights out.

That small number will dwindle when baby No. 2 arrives.

And that’s what I miss the most about our pre-parent life.

Freedom to attend tonight’s 60s Mod Soul Record Dance Party at The Piston with some friends. But tonight was different. My wife is wiped and said she was cool with me getting a night out.

Unfortunately, my friends bailed.

But I’m going to fly solo rather than mope.

Because these nights are numbered and I love soul music and dancing.

This is something that makes perfect sense

I’m reading Seth Godin’s latest book, This is Marketing.

Because I’m short on time today, I’m going to share something that made my brain flicker when I read it. That happens a lot with Seth. The hard part is persuading people who are used to the old marketing.

If you want to make change, begin by making culture. Begin by organizing a tightly knit group. Begin by getting people in sync.

Culture beats strategy — so much that culture is strategy.

This is Marketing by Seth Godin