Choosing My Own Adventure

I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid.

You arrive in a world that’s familiar and foreign. Every couple of pages, you’d encounter a fork in the road. You decided the direction not the outcome. Some directions led to death. Others led to heroic feats. But it was your choice.

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Finding the time

I must find the time to organize my week.

My three-month goals are set. I drafted a personal mission statement. I’m building routines. But I keep forgetting to plan out my week and it’s a missed opportunity.

I’ve got notes, receipts and to-dos to process. They mount with every week that passes.

I want to be more productive. I want to get more stuff done well so I can enjoy my free time.

This week, I will find make the time.

A craft beer to call my own

I brewed my first beer last January.

I consulted Wirecutter and then bought a five-gallon kit from Northern Brewer. I set aside a few hours one Sunday morning and attempted to follow instructions. Mistakes were made. But a month later, I popped the cap on an unmarked brown bottle, heard a familiar hiss and had a taste.

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